DIG has developed and owns intellectual property to enable scalable, innovative and data rich products to encourage and grow paying and donating through digital channels.

What services does DIG technology provide?

DIG provides technical systems and infrastructure to support organisations and venues to receive consumer payments and raise donations
through digital (especially mobile) channels.

Systems and services include areas such as:

  • Location-based giving
  • Multiple payment channels including credit/debit cards, mobile payments and text giving
  • Contactless payment technology
  • App development
  • Database management
  • Data services

What products and services does DIG provide?

DIG’s core license product is made available at national, federation and operational levels
allowing licensees to run scalable programmes.

Collected data (available depending on user-provided data rights) will provide the following to a wide range of sectors:

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Aggregated transaction behaviour
split by age, postcode, sector,
tax brackets etc.
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Insights from such aggregated
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3rd party opted-in individual
data rights

These are made available through both one-off and library services.

DIG's launch client is the UK's National Funding Scheme; a national scheme running across the UK to raise money across the arts and other sectors. DIG provides the giving technology and web/mobile interfaces, tax reclaims, data intelligence and DONATE brand.

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